Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance authentication and monitoring is a tricky problem to tackle. We’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions here, but reach out if you don’t find the information you need.

All About Modives

Modives is the only solution that makes the end-to-end process of insurance authentication, monitoring, and providing access to coverage options easy with its simple and automated solution.
When you want to initiate insurance authentication for your resident, renter, or buyer, it’s easy to kick off the process through Modives’ patent-pending process.

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Modives is built for any property- or auto-related business in which uninsured or underinsured customer risk poses a threat. Through its patent-pending process, Modives ensures the protection you expect your customer to carry through insurances is both active and adequate.

Modives’ system can be implemented for any property- or auto-related business, including car sales, apartment or home rentals, car rentals or loaners, storage units, and others.

for Property Management

Your renters’ insurance only covers you if it’s active and adequate. Through CheckMy Resident, Modives makes insurance authentication and monitoring easy so you get the transparency into your resident’s policy you need to protect your business, your liability, and your peace of mind.
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for Owner-Landlord

CheckMy Resident is the only 360 resident insurance authentication and background screening solution, making it easy for you to know your renter and ensure that the insurance protection they’re required to have lives up to its promise. Because without insurance checking and monitoring, you won’t know that you aren’t covered until disaster strikes.

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for Auto Dealerships

Insurance that is active and adequate to your state’s requirements must be in place before a car leaves your lot, but the insurance checking process is manual, time-consuming and aggravating. After devoting time on the phone to verify insurance with a carrier, your sale could be in jeopardy if your customer alters their policy.

With CheckMy Driver, Modives simplifies and automates the insurance authentication process, saving you time and reducing your compliance exposure through Modives’ patent-pending, consumer-driven process. Determine whether your buyer’s insurance is active and adequate earlier in the process to save you time and lost sales down the line.
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Criminal Report

Criminal records coverage may vary due to (1) jurisdictions limiting what records are eligible to return and (2) TransUnion limiting records that do not meet its data quality standards. As of the Rev. Date, criminal records are available to return in:

Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia.

Rev. Date 01/10/24