How Does It Work?

Modives makes insurance verification and monitoring easy during auto and property transactions for life events. Through its patent-pending technology, Modives creates an automated, real-time process, verifying whether insurance is active and adequate, creating transparency and providing insurance options.

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Proof of insurance isn’t good enough. An insurance card or copy of your resident’s, buyer’s, or renter’s policy won’t protect you if there isn’t anything behind it. Verifying that your customers have active and adequate insurance during life events is vital to protecting your company, your assets, and your peace of mind.

Our Process

Partner Initiated

During your sale or rental, or in the pre-sale process, you initiate insurance authentication by submitting the applicant’s information through Modives’ easy-to-use online form.

Consumer Driven

Once the buyer, resident, or renter receives notice through email or text, Modives guides them through its authentication process, providing insurance offers if they are not adequately insured.


When Modives verifies that insurance is active and adequate, it notifies both you and your renter or buyer so you can keep your rental or sale process flowing smoothly.


Modives regularly verifies that your resident, renter or buyer’s insurance is active and adequate, alerting you if their insurance falls out of compliance and providing them with insurance options to get them back on track.


If there are changes to the policy that drive it out of compliance due to inactive status or inadequacy, Modives notifies both you and your customer, offering easy access to insurance coverage options and other solutions.

Trusted and Secure


Through its consumer-driven process, Modives keeps sensitive data out of your hands to reduce your risk.

Compliance Focused

Modives builds its processes around compliance. You can rest easy knowing Modives keeps up to date with evolving regulations.

Data Protection

By investing in industry-leading encryption, we keep your customers' data safe every step of the way, limiting your risk

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